Podcraft stands for...

Podcraft is a digital audio startup, creating tools for capturing great raw content, elevating audio and content quality, and making matches between creators and producers to professionalize it.

We empower creators and producers to participate in the future of digital audio media.

Podcraft is a values-driven company, donating one percent of sales to fund cochlear implants for children under six months of age.



Do what you say you will do.

Honesty is paramount. Execute fully so you can be proud of the results. Your word is your bond.


Treat people with kindness and honesty.

People are the key to the adventure. Don't be a jerk. We do not tolerate abusive behavior or speech.


Communicate with clarity, accuracy, and precision.

Be honest and open. Listen with curiosity, be an explorer. Remain calm under stress.


Embrace new: tech, user profiles, and competitors.

Keep looking forward. History is a great teacher. Learn from it and innovate upon it.


Dream big and execute with impact.

Bias toward action. Be decisive. Ideas are nothing without execution. Do more with less.


Keep learning lifelong.

The knowledge and skills for tomorrow aren’t those you have today. Optimize for what's next.


Seek fun, passion, and joy.

Be yourself. Bring all of yourself and the things you love to your work.