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Here’s why podcasts are growing and why you should start…

  • 124 Million people in U.S.A have Listened to a Podcast 📢

  • 50% of all U.S Homes are podcast fans (that’s over 60 million 🏠)

  • Monthly Listenership is up 24% since last year alone 📈

  • Brand Investments In Podcasting is growing 85% year over year 💸

  • Audio is on 🔥- 100 million smart Speaker Sales Projected by 2019

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Podcasting will save you time and increase your ability to communicate

Audio is a very rich source of media.

That means, when you talk into a microphone you can repurpose the content far beyond a podcast.

We’re set up to help you create blog posts, social media content, training materiels, print media articles and even video…


[WATCH} How We Help You Create Video Content From Your Podcast


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By producing a podcast, your clients receive…

  • Hero content asset

  • Focused attention

  • Thought leadership

  • Improved SEO

  • Recruiting tool

  • Earned media

  • Endless blog/social fodder

  • Audience building

  • Differentiation from competition

  • Repeatable process

  • New relationships via interviews

  • Source of pride and fun

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Who are the people at Podcraft and why should we trust you?

We are 100% focused on podcasting, so we’ll keep up with changes in technology and distribution so you don’t have to.

We also understand the complexities of client service and your business model because we have personally grown agencies and worked with many of them as clients.

Founder & CEO, Dan Radin

A former product management and marketing professional for global audio brands Dan spent 15 years developing products at Sennheiser, Alesis, and JBL/Harman, earning an MBA from Loyola. After launching his podcast, Drum Showroom, in 2017, Dan discovered many points of pain. Using his skills in audio technology, Podcraft was born to save brands the time, cost, and difficulty he encountered.

DR headshot 10Apr18 smaller.jpg

Strategy & Partnerships, Brady

A former agency leader and entrepreneur with a passion for developing creative partnerships with 10+ years of agency life, Brady helped grow one firm into a diversified holding company that was named to Forbes 2017 Best Small Companies in America list. Brady's work includes food and beverage, footwear and apparel, technology, healthcare, financial services, entertainment and gaming. Prior to agency life he worked in professional sports and at The Walt Disney Company. His recent book Collaboration is King: How Game-Changers Create Marketing Partnerships That Build Brands and Grow Businesses explores the power of aligning brands, including personal brands in podcasting.

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Executive Producer, Kate

Currently producing 1,300 episodes per month for 48 clients, As head of Professional Services, her broadcasting record is proof that you couldn’t be in safer hands.

You’ll have direct access to Kate’s awesome team of:

Talented producers | Creative writers | Sharp audio engineers

Thanks to Kate and Podcraft Pro Services, you’ll never need to worry about the audio quality of your podcast.

”She’s an audio engineer because BADASS MIRACLE WORKER isn’t a job title”

Customer Experience, Toby

Professional drummer turned digital marketer, Toby is focussed on tone and performance.
Having kept time with many world-famous artists in over 25 countries, he stepped away from full-time touring to concentrate on family life and got into online strategy, marketing and podcasts five years ago.

Along with his work at Podcraft, in the last 5 years, Toby has helped businesses to monazite, using podcasting as the central pillar of their marketing.

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