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Dan Radin
Founder and CEO

A 15-year veteran of audio technology product development with more than 75 new products introduced across professional live sound, music recording, musical instruments, video gaming, and consumer home and sport audio, Dan Radin discovered there were lots of technical challenges in starting his podcast, Drum Showroom… despite being a giant audio nerd!

Dan started Podcraft in January of 2018, in Asheville, North Carolina, USA to make creating great podcasts easy and fast.

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Toby goodman
VP Marketing

Toby is addicted to podcasts and is passionate about ability to educate through audio. He has a broad range of experience creating, training, and selling digital media. He has worked in many facets of delivering audio experiences to people locally and remotely. Toby has worked with novice podcasters, helping them become authorities in their niches.

As a drummer, Toby has worked in over 25 countries with various well-known artists. He is based in London, UK.


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