The Shopping List For New Podcasters

Here is all the gear you need that will help you create a quality podcast on a budget. We’ll send you short, jargon-free how-to videos. Full disclosure: we get a commission from Amazon when you use these links.

Dan says…

This kit has everything you need to get started recording your first podcast. You get a rugged, quality mic, which comes with a cable; a flexible desk stand for getting the mic where you need it to get good sound, headphones so you can listen to ensure you’re in the right place while you record, a box to connect your mic and headphones for good sound, and a windscreen to cut down on wind noise as you speak.

Pro Tip: always use a windscreen or pop filter. It’ll drastically reduce overloading the mic with blasts of air when your mouth makes certain sounds like P, B, and T. (Just hold your palm to your mouth and say the word podcast, and you’ll see what I mean!)

OPTIONAL Accessories

Using a broadcast-style mic arm or floor stand can make it even easier to get the mic where you need it for the best sound, depending on your setting.

Dan says…

Pro Tip: the mic only picks up what you put into it, so bring the mic to you – don’t bring yourself to it! Sit up straight so you can support your voice with air and your muscles.

Recording On The Go?

If you need to record away from your computer, a portable recorder does the job. You can plug the same microphone and headphones into it. As you record, it’ll capture your recordings on a memory card, just like a digital camera.

Dan says…

There are lots of opinions about audio gear, as you’ve probably noticed. But there’s not much that’s as close to industry-standard as the Zoom H4n recorder.

Pro Tip: don’t forget to add the external microphone at the top of this page (or two for interviews) because the Zoom’s built-in mics aren’t suitable for speech.

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Go Super-Pro ‘Broadcast quality’

How do I turn my recordings into a podcast?

The truth is, recording is just the start. Editing, polishing, and curating a quality podcast that keeps people listening until the end takes time. Our Produce software guides to you success, and connects you with our Pro Services team who can help you with everything from editing to production.