The Ultimate Shopping List For Serious Podcasters

Here you’ll find links to all the gear/kit you need to buy that will help you create the kind of podcast that will sound truly delicious! Buying this kind of gear isn’t a decision to be made lightly, but if you have discovered the power podcasts can have, then it’s well worth investing in this level of equipment upfront.

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Dan says…

Of all the mics we tested, we found it to be super durable and easy to use.It’ll work well in multiple environments at home or when you’re out and about recording your podcast on location.Top Tip:

You should also add this windscreen - it’ll drastically help reduce the horrible noise caused by air into the microphone. This happens when you say certain words, especially ones beginning with ‘P’ (Just hold your palm to your mouth and say the word ‘Podcast’ and you’ll see what I mean!

Recording On The Go?

When it comes to recording away from your computer there is one device that is king. As you record it’ll capture your recordings on a memory card, jut like a digital camera.
You can plug the zoom in to your computer and drag and drop the files, OR (if you have a memory card slot in your computer ) you can transfer them across that way. Simple!

Dan says…

The zoom is THE perfect tool for recording when you don’t have space for a laptop. Although the built-in microphones work well - for radio quality speech it’s worth packing your home microphone. In this case, the Audio Technica Pro 61 is a great handheld mic you can take out on the road.

Thats it!

We hope you enjoyed reading this list. Computer disclaimer….

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How do I turn my recordings into a podcast?

The truth is. Recording is just the start. Editing, polishing and curating a good podcast people want to listen to takes time.
Our software will give you guidance and our team of professional producers will ensure you recordings don’t just sit on your hard drive.