Start with Solocast

Solocast contains everything you need to capture a great show. It comes with a microphone, flexible table stand, pop filter, cable, interface box, headphones, and materials to treat your room.

Room to grow

Solocast gives you room to grow with the ability to add a cohost or guest.

Choose Your Level

Solocast comes in basic, Plus, and Pro levels so you can choose the sound quality that's right for your budget.

Getting your podcast edited and published is easy with our in-house production



Solocast kits include microphone, flexible stand for getting the mic in exactly the right place, pop-stopping treatment, all the necessary cables, computer interface box for making the connection to your Mac or Windows machine, headphones, and room treatment up to a medium-sized room.

And if you ever need to add a cohost or guest in the room, Solocast kits can add a second user with Podcraft Expander kits.

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