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The real Pain of the Realtor- Does This Sound FamiliAr?

If you've been working in Real Estate a while, you'll know the feeling of meeting a new prospect well.

While you want to get a client, you know you'll have to prove you're a genuine person who cares about them, To prove you're not like the other 'commission hunters' out there, you have to get them to know you and like you before they trust you with, what is often the biggest financial transaction they will have made to date.

Once you have a client you do your best to deliver the sale, but how much of your valuable time is spent convincing future customers you provide better value, even if you are more expensive than the new guys in town?

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Do You Really Know What Works Best?

Maybe you have a clear way to find leads and turn prospects into customers, but chances are, you also waste marketing dollars and a heap of time on prospects who are not ready to work with you. As a strategy, creating a professional podcast will give you the stats you need. You also be able to save time and money by repurposing the content you create, to feed all your other marketing efforts

Create Assets, Don't Just Sell Them

While you're focussed on moving assets around for your clients, this method allows you to create genuine assets that can last for the rest of your working life, acting as the ultimate sales tool month after month, year after year.

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You Can Get Better Results with Less Effort

Imagine a world where you can simply speak and send knowledge of your local area, property, real estate, community instantly turned into content for print, your website, your blog, social media...

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Act Now, Or Risk Losing Your Ultimate Piece Of Real Estate

There are over 650,000 podcasts active on iTunes alone and with 1 in 4 Americans listening every single week. Where most podcasts focus on interests there are very few podcasts focussing on geographic / local areas, But the truth is, most podcasters don't create professional sounding content of quality. 

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Be a Local Hero, Start A PODCAST

You can showcase your knowledge to people who are looking for it in your own time. Once your message is out, you can prove without a doubt, your services are worth investing in.

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Speak To Milliennials

Born between 1980-2000. Millennials are approaching the pinnacle of their spending power and have an on-demand mentality.
When they want information, they want it right now. And, just like their favorite music artists and live streaming shows, they have their favorite podcast series or broadcasts that friends and co-workers have recommended. If a Milliennial is considering listing, relocating to your district or even selling their property, they will be looking for information from experts like you so they can make an educated choice. 

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create ULTIMATE authority and transfer the trust you need to get The clients you deserve.

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Right Now,  Where Are You With Podcasting?

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How Exactly Does This All Work From A 'Getting Money In The Door' Perspective?

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