Starter Plan


Starter Plan


Our Starter plan gets you an episode produced each week with professional assembly, levels mixed, and mastered, ready for you to upload. We’ll start you off with a 10-episode “bingeable” launch, and follow that with a new episode each week for $199 a month. Pause or cancel at any time.


Kickstart your podcast with a 10-episode launch designed to maximize your presence and statistics from day one. Then keep the momentum going with a show each week.

  • 10-episode “bingeable” launch

  • One episode per week after launch

  • 30 minutes maximum raw length

  • We’ll assemble your episodes, mix levels, and master them to broadcast standards

  • You’ll get upload-ready files back from us

  • We’ll bill you $499.99 now for your 10-episode launch, and $199.99 each month for weekly shows

  • Pause or cancel anytime for season breaks, retooling, new show concepts and more