Plus Plan


Plus Plan


Get everything in our Standard plan, plus a word-by-word, timestamped, human-curated transcript so you can easily create blog posts, newsletters, and more! We’ll start you off with a 10-episode “bingeable” launch, and follow that with a new episode each week for $799 a month. Pause or cancel at any time.


Kickstart your podcast with a 10-episode launch designed to maximize your presence and statistics from day one. Then keep the momentum going with a show each week.

  • 10-episode “bingeable” launch

  • One episode per week, up to 60 minutes

  • 36-hour turnaround (...or less!) GUARANTEED

  • We’ll assemble, mix, and master your show

  • Professional audio retouching includes cleaning up and removing ums, ahs, and mistakes

  • We’ll professionally produce your ads including scripting, reading, music selection, and mixing

  • We’ll write SEO-rich show notes

  • We’ll upload your show to your hosting company including your artwork and ID3 tags, and set up syndication to Apple, Google, Spotify, and more

  • We’ll provide a monthly stat tracking report with insights

  • We’ll create social media audio posts with visuals

  • We’ll create a human-written transcript with time stamps

  • We’ll bill you $2999.99 now for your 10-episode launch, and $799.99 each month for weekly shows

  • Pause or cancel anytime for season breaks, retooling, new show concepts and more