Podcraft Produce is the podcast creation platform. Produce guides podcasters to high-quality content through show concept, preproduction, recording, and postproduction. Then we edit, mix, master, and upload your finished show so you spend less time and get better results.

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Produce is currently in a closed trial. If you’d like to check it out, send us a message to get notified when it’s ready for you!


  • Nov 7: launched v0.3.0b, more usability, design, and flow (UX/UI) refinements

  • Nov 4: launched v0.3.0

    • New Commerce module: ability to purchase Podcraft Pro Services in-app

      • Three tiers: Starter, Standard, and Plus, choice of with or without show hosting

      • Start with 10-episode launch, and continue with weekly episodes, billed monthly

      • Credit card processing powered by Stripe: Podcraft never sees or stores your card info

      • Emails sent on plan changes (buy, upgrade, downgrade, etc.)

    • We also started work on usability upgrades

      • Header shows current Pro Services tier; New Episode and Dashboard buttons

      • Dashboard now has a checklist for completing key show-startup tasks

      • Account > Show: to Dashboard on Save, text field, wording, and tooltip refinements

      • Account > Connections: to Dashboard on Save, alphabetized hosting companies

      • Enabled non-Chrome desktop browsers (except IE 11)

    • Disabled Show settings page for Producers

    • Behind-the-scenes logging, staging environment and admin improvements

  • Oct 11: launched v0.2.9

    • Cloud Audio Processing: raw audio files automatically are adjusted for levels, dynamics, loudness, and noise-reduced

    • Major new architecture: user Account is associated with a Show, which contains Episodes

    • Expanded User menu. Click your name to go to Account, Dashboard, create New Episode, or Sign Out

      • Account > Profile: create or update your login information

      • Account > Show: create or update information about your show and launch. The settings and information in Show guide parts of your experience in creating Episodes.

      • Account > Connections: input your hosting company credentials so we can upload for you (requires participating Pro Services plan), and add your social media handles

    • Tooltips and guidance text throughout the app, answering questions and guiding you to success

    • New launch and release tools in Account help your show start successfully

    • Conversation: newly uploaded release candidates get the swanky new fire icon! Plus we’re capturing timestamps and what happens on Accept or Reject.

    • Uploaded files to show file names (hover to reveal)

    • Expanded admin tools and insights, and expanded Slack integration on errors

    • Data validation for many fields and forms

  • Sep 26: launched v0.2.8

    • Renamed Assets to Notes, and Transfer to Assets and refined their designs

    • Uploads now retain file name and extension with improved naming convention

    • You can now view percentage on Download All (for producers)

    • Behind-the-scenes stability and backup stuff

    • Admin stuff

    • Customized error page

  • Sep 21: launched v0.2.7

    • Graduated from “MVP” to Preview status. Not feature-complete, but way beyond MVP!

    • Moved from to, updated links, references, and emails

    • Transfer (creators): link to purchase production services, ability to upload artwork and show notes info

    • Transfer (producers): Download All Files function create on-demand zip of everything for producer to work with

    • Added display messages on mobile and non-Chrome browsers

    • Admin tools updates including stat reporting, ability to edit users, and resend activation link

    • Added favicon

  • Sep 16: launched v0.2.6

    • Added user agreement (our lawyer made us)

    • Cleaned up context and flow: which pages and buttons display in each role and scenario

    • More notifications and confirmations on button presses, uploads, and deletions

    • Visual redesigns: Capture, file upload buttons, production-only mode in Concepter, refined videos and homepage, moved segments to Transfer

    • Conversation displays reason for Rejection

    • Producers now have a dashboard of shows they’re working on

    • Admin tools refinements

    • Resolved a problem with segment-time actuals vs. plan not displaying correctly

    • Under-the-hood nerdery

  • Sep 13: launched v0.2.5

    • Production Only: this feature enables podcasters who have recorded shows outside Produce to connect to a producer

    • New dropdown navigation at top right makes it easier to move between pages

    • Email notification when producer assigned and when release candidate is ready for review

    • Action confirmations when buttons pressed, Save & Notify button disabled until comment entered

    • Homepage and header updates: how-to videos, feedback email link, latest-update button with date

    • Reject button requires comment on steps needed to get to Approve

    • Fixed a problem in the Concepter when shows were created with no title

  • Sep 7: launched v0.2.1

    • Conversation: when you press buttons, you get a confirmation response (previously no response)

    • Builder and Timeline: fixed problem with zero-length segments (0:00)

    • Storyboarder/Assets/Capture/Transfer: fixed error where all unchecked segments were included. Unchecked segments (in Builder) no longer appear.

  • Aug 12: launched v0.2: Assets, Transfer, Conversation and tester program

  • Jul 18: launched v0.1: Concepter, Builder, Storyboarder, Capture

  • May 17: created underlying technology platform

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