Triplecast Plus

Copy of Triplecast Pro
Copy of Triplecast Pro

Triplecast Plus


Triplecast kits include three microphones, mounting arms for getting each mic in exactly the right place, pop-stopping treatment, all the necessary cables, computer interface box for making the connection to your Mac or Windows machine, headphones, and room treatment up to a medium-sized room.

Plus, if you need to add another co-host or guest, no problem. Triplecast kits can be expanded to include a fourth user with Podcraft Expander kits.

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What's in the box?
Triplecast Plus

  • Three podcast microphones
  • Three broadcast microphone arms
  • Three pop filters
  • Three microphone cables
  • Three headphones
  • Audio interface with USB cable
  • Headphone mixer with cable
  • Room treatment suitable for up to a medium-sized carpeted room (up to 8’ (2.4m) length x 10’ (3m) width x 8’ (2.4m) height or similar).

Key components:

  • Triplecast Plus: Heil Sound PR77D microphones and AKG K92 headphones or comparable


Want To Upgrade?
Podcraft Capture Kits come in basic, Plus, and Pro versions. Basic models provide excellent value in reliable microphones and headphones that perform well and last a long time. Plus models step your sound up to bigger, richer quality, and Pro models deliver the awe-inspiring sonics preferred by industry leaders.