Apple Shares Podcast Best Practices Update

Today, Apple shared notes for podcasters:

1. Apple Podcasts Analytics Beta is a data visualization tool, first introduced in December 2017, for insight into listener engagement and distribution, episode and show performance, and more. Apple Podcast Analytics track the company's own Podcasts app and iTunes on Mac and Windows, so this doesn't account for any other apps, sites, or platforms. This is more of a reminder than news, but it's great that the company is pushing its data advantage, given that roughly 70% of US podcasts are consumed on iOS devices, using the Apple Podcasts app.

2. Apple Best Practices for Discoverability and User Experience include the following:

  • Clear, concise titles
  • Number and recommend episodes, and “pin” a trailer to the top of the feed
  • Allow new subscribers to receive the full current season in their Library
  • Allow users to pick up listening where they left off

You can view an example of a well-formed RSS feed that implements Apple's best practices here. Podcraft recommends implementing Apple's best practices fully and immediately to ensure the best placement in search results.

3. Apple "strongly encourages" a secure RSS feed with SSL certificate, stating that, "in the future, a secure feed will be required in order to access Podcast Analytics and submit podcasts in Podcasts Connect." Again, Podcraft certainly agrees with this guidance. Work with your podcast hosting provider—these are the companies such as Libsyn, Bubrry, and Soundcloud, that store your podcast audio files in the cloud—to ensure compliance. If you need help, feel free to contact us!