Here’s why brands are creating podcasts and why you should start…

  • 124 Million people in US have Listened to a Podcast 📢

  • 50% of all U.S Homes are podcast fans (that’s over 60 million 🏠)

  • Monthly Listenership is up 24% since last year alone 📈

  • Brand Investments In Podcasting is growing 85% year over year 💸

  • Audio is on 🔥- 100 million smart Speaker Sales Projected by 2019

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Get the ultimate end-to-end solution for creating shows

only buy what you neeD - we’ve done the research
Gear GuidE

Get streamlineD WorkFlow with Our Secret Sauce
Production Software

Make Your shows sounD great using our tech and awesome humans
Seasoned Producers

Find Your Audience with our Help
Transcription & Distribution

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By producing a podcast, your clients receive…

  • Hero content asset

  • Focused attention

  • Thought leadership

  • Improved SEO

  • Recruiting tool

  • Earned media

  • Endless blog/social fodder

  • Audience building

  • Differentiation from competition

  • Repeatable process

  • New relationships via interviews

  • Source of pride and fun


Podcasting drives your agency business…

  • More revenue

  • Project fees

  • Recurring revenue

  • Innovative offering

  • Entree into audio

  • Predictable & repeatable

  • Shows need concept, ID, web presence

  • No additional overhead

  • Shows benefit from planning and promotion

  • Excite existing clients & attract prospects

  • Half of searches will be voice by 2020

  • Every client is a potential podcaster

How will Podcraft make it easy for my agency to sell podcasting, without taking up my valuable time?

Creating a show has historically been complex and time-consuming, but we’re changing that. Instead of staffing up, focus on what you do best and we do the rest.

  • No guessing about gear (we’ve done the homework)

  • Don’t recruit, train or hire audio engineers and producers (we have a team of 18 with decades of experience on-demand)

  • No need to reinvent a production process (we’ve studied best-in-class work-flow and created easy-to-use software)

  • Don’t bother researching hosting options (we’ve partnered with the most reliable and negotiated the best rates)

  • No need to keep up with all the platforms (we’ll upload all your content and manage distribution)

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This sounds like it could be a fit, but how much will it cost?

We truly believe it will cost you and your clients more not to podcast!

Our goal is to make podcasting an efficient, turn-key, impactful and profitable offering for you, and a tool that delivers ROI for your clients. We are looking for true partners and we’re happy to white-label our tools and services or co-brand this offering with you.

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What might a sample partner package look like?

Provide your clients with our entry level offering :

• All the gear they will need

• Access to our show conceptor and ‘Produce’ (our exclusive production management software that helps them fly through production)

• Annual podcast hosting

• Production of ten 30-60 minute episodes before you launch

• Weekly production and distribution for ongoing episodes

Less than $2,500 to launch and and as low as $399 per month ongoing for weekly shows

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Ready to add podcasting to your agency offering?

Who are the people at Podcraft and why should we trust you?

We are 100% focused on podcasting, so we’ll keep up with changes in technology and distribution so you don’t have to.

We also understand the complexities of client service and your business model because we have personally grown agencies and worked with many of them as clients.

Founder & CEO, Dan Radin

A former product management and marketing professional for global audio brands Dan spent 15 years developing products at Sennheiser, Alesis, and JBL/Harman, earning an MBA from Loyola. After launching his podcast, Drum Showroom, in 2017, Dan discovered many points of pain. Using his skills in audio technology, Podcraft was born to save brands the time, cost, and difficulty he encountered.

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Strategy & Partnerships, Brady

A former agency leader and entrepreneur with a passion for developing creative partnerships with 10+ years of agency life, Brady helped grow one firm into a diversified holding company that was named to Forbes 2017 Best Small Companies in America list. Brady's work includes food and beverage, footwear and apparel, technology, healthcare, financial services, entertainment and gaming. Prior to agency life he worked in professional sports and at The Walt Disney Company. His recent book Collaboration is King: How Game-Changers Create Marketing Partnerships That Build Brands and Grow Businesses explores the power of aligning brands, including personal brands in podcasting.

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Executive Producer, Kate

Currently producing 1,300 episodes per month for 48 clients, As head of Professional Services, her broadcasting record is proof that you couldn’t be in safer hands.

You’ll have direct access to Kate’s awesome team of:

Talented producers | Creative writers | Sharp audio engineers

Thanks to Kate and Podcraft Pro Services, you’ll never need to worry about the audio quality of your podcast.

”She’s an audio engineer because BADASS MIRACLE WORKER isn’t a job title”

Customer Experience, Toby

Professional drummer turned digital marketer, Toby is focussed on tone and performance.
Having kept time with many world-famous artists in over 25 countries, he stepped away from full-time touring to concentrate on family life and got into online strategy, marketing and podcasts five years ago.

Along with his work at Podcraft, in the last 5 years, Toby has helped businesses to monazite, using podcasting as the central pillar of their marketing.

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The secret sauce = Podcraft Produce Success Platform

Helping you to get your show on the right track and ensure continued podcasting success, our software platform will guide you through your production process and help to prepare and organize your recordings ready for our production team to polish and publish.

Unsure but intrigued?

Let’s set up a call to walk you through Produce and answer questions